♥ Tips for international bloggers or how to get the most out of The Blogcademy

blog4There´s been two weeks and I´m still high on helium after this awesome workshop!

It has been years since I´ve been feeling this inspired! The Blogcademy has given me way much more than just blogging tips and amazing network, that´s for sure.
To be honest, I did hesitate a lot before finally deciding to book the workshop because my blog isn´t in English. So, if you are an international blogger having the same kind of doubts - no worries. The fabulousness of Gala, Kat and Shauna totally translates.

So guess what, I had to show my blog on a big screen, noone could read cyrillics, but that didn´t affect the feedback I got whatsoever. The headmistresses might not understand all of your witty comments while translating your posts through Google, but they surely will try their damnest to give you the best evaluation possible! The rest is up to you:)

To sum up, I´d like to give some tips and "pass my wisdom" to the future blogcadettes. I am an alumni now, after all!

1) For God´s sake - just ask!
There are NO stupid questions. Gala, Kat and Shauna don´t want you to go home with any questions unanswered, so don´t be shy and just ask-ask-ask! They are here for YOU. They are standing there in front of the classroom, wearing their bunny-ears and glittery tops (with cats!) eager to teach YOU. So just soak up every moment of it and don´t waste time on getting distracted. Having a teen-fan-groupie moment? Tearing up of happiness cause Rock´n Roll Bride is standing in front of you like I did? Just drop it, seriously:) Everybody is equal.


2) Bring a thick notebook
We have been given the cutest Moleskine notebooks, but I filled up mine during the first day. Well, maybe that´s just me - I learn best by making a lot of notes... But seriously, there´s going to be so much information that you might end up missing some important detail if you don´ t write it down.


3) Check out the Facebook group
It´s so cool to meet people you´ve already "met" online before the workshop! The whole experience gets much richer this way:)
I am very very grateful that I could be a part of this amazing weekend...

Can´t wait to meet all of the fellow blogcadettes for a reunion! Blog on, babes!

Как вы уже знаете, две недели назад я была на воркшопе для блоггеров The Blogcademy в Лондоне, который организовывался тремя акулами блогосферы Gala DarlingNubby Twiglet и Rock´n Roll Bride :) Ну..про акул, это я так... На самом деле атморфера была супер-дружеская, вдохновляющая и мотивирующая! Для меня - это просто  познакомится с девочками лично, т.к. я читаю их не один год. Внизу я написал пост-отзыв о наших крутейших выходных для организаторов и для будущих учеников. Так что извиняйте, что он на английском:) Если кому интересно, могу полностью перевести:)

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на фотке типа весь цвет девичьей блогосферы? )))
на фотке типа весь цвет девичьей блогосферы? )))